Welcome to Golf Girl

" As a female I have always found it hard to find good golfing clothing that fits well and doesn't expose you during a swing, or I might find something I love without having to go overseas and without having to go up three sizes"  

We want to bring you clothing for real women in real sizes. Let Golf Girl become your go-to source for women's golfing apparel in NZ. Styles influenced by the latest fashions  and quality apparel you can get to know and love. We aim to inspire our customers to be the best version of themselves and to be confident out on the golf course.

Our vision to provide a service where women can shop comfortably. Clothing for real women and real sizes, we try to only bring in clothing where the most you may have to go up in size is one size. 

We are still learning about our customers and what they want, so please we invite you to browse our site let us know what you would like to see stocked  and share your stories with us, and tell us how we can better meet your needs. 

Look good, feel good - play great golf.

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